USA Trains Santa Fe Starter Set

santa-fe-set.jpg A great set to start with! This is no scaled down starter loco! A NW2 dual motored diesel with smoke, metal handrails and complete cab interior. Comes with red SF boxcar and lighted caboose. Has the model 40 transformer with a big 2.2 amps of power! Has the USA brand of track which is similar to Aristocraft in that it has small set screws that hold the track together and you attach your power cable this way too. Comes with an oval of track.

Everything you need to get started and have some fun. Our largest set ever.

USA Trains, C.N. Dockside

r20066-dockside-eng.jpgThis 060 all metal locomotive is lettered in old Canadian National livery and numbered no. 53. All metal construction, a whooping 10 lbs. in weight, with smoke and steam sound. Lift up the coal load and you’ll find the on/ off controls for lights, motor, smoke and sound. A beautiful steamer.