Piko Brass Rail and Ties

10′ (3m) rail section are
5′ (1.5m) rail section are
Ties are: 320mm –
280mm –
Example of pricing a 10′ complete track section:

10′ rail x2=
5 x320 mm ties=
5 x280 mm ties=
If you don’t cut the tabs underneath , you have a perfectly straight 10′ piece with uninterrupted voltage flow as on shorter pieces!

PIKO Brass Rail and Ties

We are happy to introduce high quality rail and ties for your layout!

The rail is made from pure brass alloy similar to LGB’s. The ties are made of ultra violet stabilized HDPE plastic which has high impact resistance , good noise reduction properties and resistance to cracking under stress. In other words the two of them are a great combination!

Piko’s track is based on a 600mm module which enables the hobbyist to configure his track arrangements without using small adapter track pieces . Parallel switching tracks are a dream.

Ties come in 320mm (12.66″) and 280mm (10.96″) which give you 600mm or 23.62″.

The R system is a little different than LGB’s.

Piko R1= 23.62″ radius or 4′ diameter,

R3= 36.28″ radius or 6′ diameter, and

R5= 48.94″ radius or 8′ diameter.

We feel that by using their 10′ and 5′ sections of rail with accompanying ties, one can make up whatever flex track sections that one desires. Simply cut the tabs between ties wherever you need to!