Red River Station

red-river-st.jpg The perfect Manitoban station. White bricks set off by a grey roof. Why lookie there, even the doors open and close. With measurements of 8.5x 6.9x 8.1 inches this pleasing station will fit on any layout.

Texaco Station

texaco.jpg Fill’ er up, Tex! Come on in for some real country service. No self serve pumps here. With Texas Oil Co. signage, antique pumps and a service bay with roll up door, you’re set for business. Don’t forget to clean the windshield! A BIG model, measures 16.5x 15.4x 12.2 inches.

Hardware Store

hardware-store.jpgACME Hardware, the place where Wiley Coyote shops! Make your little coyotes happy with this great building. Fill it up with neat stuff and put some pails, mops and nail kegs out front. Maybe have a sidewalk sale! Has a footprint of 5.6x 8.0x 9.8″.

General store

general-store.jpg Gotta drop in to Sam’s and get some bolts to fix the thresher and some molasses for granny. Harken back to a simpler time and place with this example of a general store. You don’t need a model of a huge Home Depot in your town. This will do fine. Yes sir. Measures 5.6x 8.0x 9.8 big inches.

Dan’s Burgers

dans-burger.jpg Got the munchies? This place serves the best burgers in town! Treat your townpeople right and buy this for them. They’re going hungry! This hexangonal shaped diner comes with complete interior to get right down to business. 10.6x 10.6x 10.0″,